Esbjerg Business Development turns into Business Esbjerg

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Business Development Esbjerg is now called Business Esbjerg. Our new website will be launched this spring. Read more about Business Esbjerg here.

What is it like to live in Esbjerg Municipality? Can my partner get a job? Is there an international school here? Can my children pursue elite sports? Is inexpensive housing available – i.e. flats, homes in the country or bungalows in town? Is there an international network of newcomers? Can we live in the oldest town in Denmark? Are there good childcare options for our children? Will I avoid traffic jams? Can we live near the North Sea? Can we bike to the beach? Do other foreigners live in the area? Will the locals be able to understand us? Are there universities in the municipality? Yes to everything!

Learn much more about culture, nature, housing and economy, career opportunities and family life in the Municipality of Esbjerg at:

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