Esbjerg Business Development turns into Business Esbjerg

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Business Development Esbjerg is now called Business Esbjerg. Our new website will be launched this spring. Read more about Business Esbjerg here.

Esbjerg covers a variety of business areas, described in follow section. 

Offshore Oil and gas:

Since the 1970´s Esbjerg has developed a large supply chain towards the upstream offshore oil and gas industry. Esbjerg serves as service provider port for the Danish oil and gas sector with 20 oil and gas installation in the Danish NorthSea. Skilled knowledge within engineering, production, operation & maintenance and component suppliers helps the offshore oil and gas industry to keep up production and securing a safe environment for this complex industry.

Major business drivers in offshore oil and gas in Esbjerg are:

 Maersk Oil DBU (TOTAL Denmark), Ineos Denmark, Hess, Semco Maritime and Rambøll Energy.  

Offshore Wind business:

With the beginning of the Horns Rev 1 offshore wind project in 2002, the business in Esbjerg has also developed a large supplier industry to offshore wind. As the leading preassembly and installation port in the world, the industry in Esbjerg have assisted in bringing more than 8 GW of wind offshore installed around the countries in the North Sea. The industry covers project development, preassembly and installation, operation & maintenance, manpower suppliers, training course facilities, and support industry. Today more than 150 companies are doing business in both offshore wind and oil and gas. This shows a will and determination for transformation and adaption to new business.

Major business driver in offshore wind in Esbjerg are:

Vattenfall, Ørsted, MHI Vestas and Siemens Gamesa,

Bioenergy/Biotech and Pharma:

Other business areas in Esbjerg are bioenergy and biotech/pharma industry, with extraction production and technology providers on a high level of expertise. What many people would consider garbage is gold to others. As example of the biotech/pharma industry in Esbjerg, is the company Leo Pharma, who extracts a substance called heparin from pigs casings. The substance are used as an anticoagulant (blood thinner) when doing surgery and are saving lives every day. The extraction are been done from a state of the art production facility in Esbjerg.      

Major business drivers in bioenergy and biotech/pharma industry in Esbjerg are:

Babcock Wilcox Vølund, Nature Energy, Triple Nine Pharma, Leo Pharma, ZPD and Glycom

Fiber and Data business:

Esbjerg is extremely well connected to the core internet (terrestrial and submarine cables) and is closely connected to all of Europes major gateways. A position that will be developed further over the next years. By end 2019 the fiber-optic project “Havfrue” will connect Esbjerg and US and double the available capacity between USA and Europe. Also new projects will connect Esbjerg with England, Ireland and the Netherlands by end of 2019. This makes Esbjerg a hub for data transaction and transatlantic data distribution.

Esbjerg will be an attractive location for colocation business and companies with the need of low latency to and in-between US and Europe.