Esbjerg Business Development turns into Business Esbjerg

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Business Development Esbjerg is now called Business Esbjerg. Our new website will be launched this spring. Read more about Business Esbjerg here.

1) Esbjerg is the Energy metropolis and Offshore Capital of Denmark with more than 250 companies doing business in offshore oil and gas, offshore wind industry. With a FID at 21 billion DKK in the Tyra gas field redevelopment, Esbjerg will play an essential role for many years to come.

2) Average office rental price pr. square meter is the lowest of the major cities in Denmark.

3) Closely connected to US and European internet gateways, Esbjerg is the North European internet hub. New fiber-optic cables from Esbjerg to US, Ireland, England and the Netherlands along with an already great international data infrastructure makes Esbjerg an optimal place for companies with the need of low latency to Europe and US.

4) Esbjerg has 60 higher education courses distributed at six higher educational institutions. On a university level, Esbjerg offers studies in energy technology engineering and Business Administration in Energy Management. Esbjerg is the only location in Scandinavia who offers a BA in Energy Management.

5) Esbjerg has the largest international School outside of Copenhagen, primarily for children of expact families. Addition to that, Esbjerg offers an IB Diploma Programme for international high school students.