Leman International System Transport A/S

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6700 Esbjerg

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CVR no.: 41955619

LEMAN means all CARGO Whatever customers need in terms of freight forwarding and logistics, LEMAN is the trusted supplier of intelligent services. Catering to complicated supply chains calls for competent people. LEMAN’s staff combine high levels of education with thorough vocational experience. Coupling proficiency in business and logistics they endeavour to optimise reliability of delivery, time of delivery, and price relative to the wishes of the client. LEMAN makes it a point that every regular customer’s account person is knowledgeable of that customer’s business. In order to carry weight as a truly world-wide operator, LEMAN has built a partnering network of local agents pledging LEMAN’s high standards of precision and quality. LEMAN dispatchers keep track of the agent network and update their knowledge of everything relevant to cargo traffic and customers on a daily basis.

Leman International System Transport A/S
Contactperson Poul Østergaard

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